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Thursday, 24 November 2016

Femi Fani-Kayode blasts Jimoh Ibrahim, Call him 'Pig'

    Femi-Fani-Kayode and Jimoh Ibrahim have thrown decency to the winds after both public figure exchange words on socal media.

  1. Congrats to Eyitayo Jegede, Gov. Mimiko and the PDP in our victory at the Court of Appeal today.Shame on Ali Modu Sheriff and Jimoh Ibrahim.
    Image result for jimoh vs fani-kayode
    Jimoh Ibrahim vs Femi Fani-Kayode
  2. Out of deferrence to my followers I have decided not to continue to engage Jimoh the pig any further. Thanks for your concern. Shalom.
  3. we shall continue this. That is a date and a promise that I will most certainly keep.
  4. little piggy. We better leave him alone. He has far more to worry about now than my tweets. As promised when I see him eyeball to eyeball
  5. Finally I hear that Jimoh the pig just lost his appeal at the Supreme Court and that he has been referred back to the Court of Appeal. Poor
  6. I have given Jimoh the pig enough of my time. I will tell him the rest face to face whenever and wherever I see him. I look forward to that.
  7. and how many dead bodies he slept with before he made some change and left the pigsty.
  8. Pl tell Jimoh Ibrahim that I have plenty of jollof rice in my house and I don't dance for food. Also ask him how many men he sodomised and
  9. Pl tell Jimoh Ibrahim that his room in Kirikiri is under construction. It will be ready for him by 2019 when his friends have left power.
  10. Pl tell Jimoh that my father was not a bricklayer,my mother was not a fish seller,I do not owe banks and salaries and I never marrird a dog.
  11. Thankfully OBJ has now seen the light and joined the fray. His counsel to the Buhari administration is timely. He has shown immense courage.
  12. Whether Jimoh the pig likes it or not he will NOT be our candidate on saturday and Eyiyayo Jegede will proudly carry our flag. We shall win!
  13. Pl tell Jimoh Ibrahim that unlike him I am not a fraudster,I am not a political spoiler,I am not an agent of destruction and I am not a spy
  14. Tell Jimoh Ibrahim that I do not owe banks money,I do not buy companies and destroy them,I do not owe my workers salary and I do not brag.
  15. Pl tell Jimoh Ibrahim that his over stretched anus from his sodomy activities needs to be stiched up and his schizophenia must be trreated.

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