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Saturday, 26 November 2016

Large turnout at Malls as Nigerian mark Black Friday

The scene of various malls in the country were filled up as Nigerians trooped out to mark this year's black Friday in spite of the economy recession.
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Both old and young were seen at the various malls across the country picking one thing and the other at discounted prices. The online shops also experienced great boost as people log on to pick things for their self and family. 

Some shops both online and physical gave 80 per cent discount while some gave 30 per cent depending on the goods.
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In spite of the economy recession, Nigerian still have little to mark the world celebrated black Friday.
According Paula Grace, " this is a time for me to pick up things for myself, so I can celebrate my Christmas and new year with few new and good things".
“I believe the government is aware of the economic situation and trust God that something will be done soon,” Grace said.
While some sees the day as a time to buy things at cheap prices, some Nigerian sees the activity of the Black Friday as a scam. Some Nigerian said the good displayed on discount are near expired goods.
Nonso Nwankwo, a banker said "This is not how Black Friday in been celebrated in the develpoed countries of the world. this malls in those country will discount all their good including the new stock but waht we see in Nigeria is the opposite."

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