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Thursday, 4 December 2014

Alamieyeseigha’s Son Died Of Drug Overdose - Report

TheCapital is reporting that Diepriye Alamieyeseigha’s son, Oyamuyefa Alamieyeseigha died not of suicide but of a drug overdose.

The news platform claims to have gathered exclusive proof that the young man had  “excessive consumption of a banned substance was responsible for the untimely death of the 24-year old.”

According to the report, Oyamuyefa went down after a drug overdose which reacted in his system and caused his death.
TheCapital claims that the former governor has been hiding the truth in order to save themselves from public outlash and embarrasment.
The young 24 year old Alamieyeseigha is said to have lived a flamboyant lifestyle as a student before his death.

Oyamuyefa went down Saturday, October 11, in Dubai, UAE. The initial report of Oyayumefa’s death said that he was discovered dead by the staircase in his father’s house in Dubai, UAE, which led many to think it was either a homicide or a suicide.

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