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Saturday, 9 April 2016

Proprietor Rapes 4-year Pupil

A four-year-old girl identified only as Choice, has revealed how she was allegedly raped by the proprietor of her school, Mr. Elias Oyeke.

The little girl told one of our correspondents that 42-year-old Oyeke, who is the Proprietor of Victory International School, Mararba, Nasarawa State, raped her on several occasions and then told her not to tell anyone or she would get into trouble.

Choice, who is a nursery one pupil, said Oyeke told her that if her parents found out that she had lost her virginity, she should tell them that it was her male colleague who is also four-years-old that was responsible.

The victim said, “Uncle Elias spread my legs, covered my mouth and told me to shut up. He will put me on a chair and lap me and he will start doing it. He will then give me sweets.”

The mother of the victim, Esther, said she started suspecting something was amiss when her daughter insisted that she would not allow anyone to bathe her sometime in February.

Esther said one day, she insisted that she would bathe her and that was when she discovered severe injuries around Choice’s private parts.

She said her daughter initially lied that it was her classmate, Gabriel, that forcefully penetrated her and so she took her daughter to the school the next day.

While fighting back tears, Esther said, “I usually dropped my daughter at school around between 7am and 7.25am, before school resumed proper and I always handed her over to Mr. Elias. However, after some time, my daughter started behaving strangely as she prevented me from bathing her.

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